The end of the year is the best sales period of the year for most online stores. What to do to make good use of it? We have some tips for you!2019/11/27

Online payments as a key element in e-commerce

We all know how important payments are for online sales – they are the final stage of the purchasing process. If you run an online store, a proper selection of the payment system is as crucial as the choice of an e-commerce platform.

Data anonymisation as a safe method of personal data protection

The year 2018 was the year of GDPR. The decision of the European Union to tighten up the rules on processing and protection of personal data has affected the activities of companies worldwide. Find out what it is and when to use data anonymisation.

Do clients like chatbots – about chatbots in e-commerce

It is hard to ignore the benefits of implementing a chatbot, especially that because of the current technology development, it is not difficult to build one.

Digital in 2019 – the most important trends and changes in social media, mobile and e-commerce

This is the 9th edition of the “Digital in 2019” report, and you will learn from it about changes in social media, e-commerce or the use of mobile devices.

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