What we do

Digital Commerce Consulting and Development

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Digital Commerce professionals ready to help your business grow

Your company is a unique ecosystem, with a set of specific needs. At Virtua we specialize in translating those needs into measurable e-commerce strategy and development plan. We’ll assist in choosing the right solution to start with, or move to a new one when your needs outgrow the software in use. If you look to get more of your current platform – we’ve got you covered as your digital commerce consultants.

Our core competency is Magento, but because it is your unique e-commerce ecosystem, we won’t focus on one platform only - this is why we are the first and only official partner of VTex platform in Poland.

Brand Pages, Showcasesand Tailored Web Apps

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Flexible and full-featured software will help you to realise individual needs

Brand pages, showcases and tailored web apps can be the heart and soul of your business. A place where clients get to know you and everything you have to offer. What is more important, they let to present your brand in a spectacular and attention-grabbing way.

At Virtua, we work with a multitude of technologies: from the powerful React Framework, through customizable WordPress, all the way to simple, yet powerful HTML/CSS combination. We will not only build you the perfect page but also make sure it works in a way that let you achieve your business goals.

Internet ofThings

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Extended experience connecting tech with real-life needs

Let’s say you organize an event, and offer the attendees a mobile app that is both a virtual game where they collect points and an information tool, as they navigate through the booths. Or, you’re coming home from a long winter trip. Along the way, you use a smartphone to turn the temperature up and make a fresh pot of hot coffee – to await when you enter the house.

Using the Internet of Things gives us endless possibilities to customize offers, attract new clients and set loyalty programs. Integrating e-commerce systems with IoT is one of our specialties.

3D Visualisationsand Games

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3D and Games

Every online business has a set of pictures to showcase the offer. It’s standard. It’s expected. It’s boring. Except yours. You show clients the images of how your products or services really are. Not as flat edited pictures but as almost tangible 3D visualizations.It’s interactive, it’s fun, it makes your brand stand out.

Typical attention span of a visitor is 8 seconds only. What if you could make them stay longer with something non-standard? What if you gave them short and snappy interactive game? A game that would bring out the competitive spirit and reward gamers for their time, with - let’s say - a discount code sent to their email.

Want one for your business? Let us know!